Trump Explodes Again



                                                                          By Kenneth Bagnell



      It’s still only a year and a half since Donald Trump — the most cranky, egotistical, troublesome, ignorant, vulgar, incompetent — President in American history, got into the White House. How did it happen? (Even this very morning Trump exploded yet again firing a guy who, given that, isn’t getting his pension!!) I’ll deal with that in detail but for now here’s how Trump got in in: 4 out of every 5 evangelical American citizens voted for him. Never forget that! Never! I certainly hope the fundamentalists rallied to his side for after all, his Christian values are so vivid, so sincere, so futuristic. Didn’t you know that? Ugh. If not then you’re not a sophisticated Christian. Here’s why: his onetime girlfriend got her breasts blown up to be bigger and bigger and bigger. Television loves it. Let’s give thanks.

        The “legendary” President Trump — according to the lady named Stormy Daniels — had certain relationships that require no elaboration.  He was elected by evangelical Christians who would not be found in places and situations that are Trump’s. It wasn’t to discuss the scriptures in Revelations. Trump likes other revelations. (That’s why a few weeks ago, he forked over financial exchange of $130,000 to shut her up about certain aspects “to cover specific transactions…” So it went. I’m certain, a bit sad, that, in Trump’s leadership, the American evangelical culture has been at best, indignant, discouraged, even humiliated.

        I still wonder if the devout evangelical culture could ever become loyal servants to a man like Donald Trump. Why? First, for one thing, the treatment that he has handed out through firings of some excellent professional business people leave me very chilled. Take, for one example, the former international President of Exxon, Rex Tillerson, who, given his wisdom and character, the company flourished. Here’s a man who oversaw as Chairman of the Board at Exxon, guiding a firm of both great worth and great return. When he was chosen by Energy Intelligence back in 2015, the announcement made by his company responded with this comment: “The selection of Rex Tillerson as this year’s winner reflected his highly successful leadership of Exxon Mobil,  where he has further enhanced the company’s respected reputation for strong performance, financial discipline, project execution and technological innovation.” People I know, testify that it is absolutely right. Other business leaders went just as far. One wrote this upon his departure: “He is one of the truly great business leaders of the world.” How would you rate Trump as a business leader? I’m ready to say: He’s no Tillerson.  For sure – in more areas than finance. Think character. If you’re thinking of leadership just ignore Trump and think women.

     Last Sunday morning, no less a journalistic critic than Carl Bernstein, the man of the Nixon exposure, spoke to a CNN host and, taken in entirety, I was left with Trump as a man who almost virtually lives his life as a professional liar. Virtually nobody — I dare say even his friends — believes what he says, so it brought to mind, words long ago from the legendary Aesop: “A real liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth.” That, in my wearied mind, is now honestly the truth of many of today’s American professional citizens including the thousands of evangelicals who being automats speak well of a huge liar. Like the man said, “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that now I’ll just never believe you” So help me that’s the emerging attitude to Donald Trump. I’m getting wearier as to what the social scientists and psychiatrists say to his disorder. Obviously some branches of the psychiatry I strongly support, while others are truly intimidated by past experience that has led the whole profession to keep quiet. That’s psychiatry’s professional policy, or if you prefer, it’s fear policy.

     What would we now be doing if we didn’t have journalists like Carl Bernstein, whom you recall, along with Bob Woodward, in the Nixon debacle. The whole shebang is woven by and with tricksters all through Russia. Believe me, I’ve been there 20 or more years ago and that was not enough — it was too much. The truth in Russia? Are you crazy? Don’t kid me. Got the picture?  In case you might slip and believe something that Donald Trump said, here are a handful of five “games” he’s either in or coaching at ringside. Trump was busy in the late 1980s, telling everyone he did not deal with Russia: “No deals could happen in Russia because we stay away.” Please pause so you can believe the truth: Trump and friends were at that time associated with at least ten very wealthy Russian entrepreneurs. Now consider this: a mayor of a distant Russian city – it’s in central Russia – stands accused in a major lawsuit said to be filed in the US. And before I forget, the insiders know that over in Russia, there is established quietly, a mixed “American–Russia organized crime group” under a major crime boss right in Russia. People in the know insist it’s true. So it goes, insiders know a lot, outsiders only a bit.

       The newspaper, USA Today, recently revealed it had a wealthy American contact who said she sold over 65 units in Trump’s own Manhattan Trump World. The buyers were, said the media, mostly rich Russian businessmen. She had been, so she said, lucky enough to have key contacts in Moscow, waiting for the opportunity to invest here in the United States. What a game. According to a leading real estate man, in the US, every single one of them wants to meet Donald Trump to facilitate his hoped-for dealings. I’m told the meeting did take place for familiarization among the Russians. Guess where they met? In Trump’s Towers, Trump Office. To wind up the dreary diatribe, there’s a former professional courtroom lawyer, who happened not to be a Trump angel. But he did so well, his friends now speculate that he is now resting on the millions of cold Russian cash. It’s so said, by an insider, that: “It’s Russian laundered money for people who operate under the good graces off President Putin.” If these people ever pull the plug on The Trump Organization it would go down very quickly. Well, all I can now say on this stomach churning mess, is what Wayne & Shuster once spoke on a matter they hated as they hated lingo, “Ain’t that nice….”





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