A Toronto Killer Is 13 Years Old

A city boy, only 13 years of age, was arrested a week or so ago and charged with murder after he’s said to have helped kill a young man, apparently by stabbing. The victim was a 19 year old, named Aaron Rankine-Wright, who was on his bicycle on his way to work when he was assaulted for no reason by three males who soon fled. (click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

The Many Missteps of Donald Trump

A few days ago, on a subway to downtown, I heard two young bright, polished school students, playing a game based on three words, “getting rid of.”: getting rid of advertising commercials, getting rid of personal tensions, then getting rid of politicians. Suddenly an elderly man spoke up saying “No, no, we need politicians.” (click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

Church Attendance in Decline

Over the past few years, I’ve spent profitable time reading theological books, each one, dealing with the decline of membership in their denomination: Methodist, Congregational. Lutheran and so on. One sample reveals the year after year descent. In 1925, the United Church of Canada was formed and its membership was 609,729. For the next 40 years, the United Church grew and grew until the membership struck its highest in 1965 at one million, sixty two thousand and six: 1,062,006. (click on the blog's bold title to read the whole. )

Are these Baptists colleagues of ours?

It’s now many years since I began receiving religious and theological articles from an email publication called simply Religion News Service. It’s very professional, arrives daily and in general it’s objective and certainly is not doing PR any more than The New York Times is. Nonetheless I was recently surprised that Southern Baptists have a senior executive, Paige Patterson, who is facing serious career problem....(click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

The Future of Faith

Now to the subject which I’ve been pondering in recent years – -the steady steep decline in the membership and influence of the Christian Church. To me, and many other Christians, the major reason is the ever widening and ever deepening secularism of society, which is to say, worldly. (click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

The Matter in the Middle East.

Peace,” Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu once said, “is purchased from strength, not weakness.” Obviously that’s the foundation of his current attitude. It’s a real challenge. (Click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)