Are Newspapers truly in decline?

Our country has known many a crisis, and it has now come face to face with another: the newspaper industry. The Globe & Mail, where I once was a magazine editor then daily columnist, is, according to talk, declining radically in distribution numbers and increasing in reader cost. (Click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

Bullying and Abuse

Over the years, the word bully has been distinctly male, but, in fact, I’ve seen women who can actually surpass her husband in anger. The most vivid example of that is engraved on my memory and will remain there forever. (Click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

Cardinal Pell

I expect that Cardinal George Pell -- the most senior of Cardinals now waiting for his day in court on a charge of sexual abuse of boys -- might well look back on what Pope John XXIII said years ago: “Consult not your fears but your hopes…”(click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

A Look at Trump’s Mental Health

It’s now about a year since Donald Trump was reported in the media to have given his back hand to women by saying: “Canadian women threaten our core values, our way of life, and the very things we are trying to do here.” It goes on: “Canadian women must be stopped. They’re literally the worst…….” How about this for good manners: “That woman is crude, rude, obnoxious and drunk.” Oh well, that’s to be expected from President Trump but not taken very seriously, as most other utterances should also not be taken seriously. So be it. (click on the bold blog title to read the whole. )

Weinstein’s Worldly Ways

It’s now about 20 years since a bright young woman named Ashley Judd began to rise in the career she had dreamed of: a Hollywood actress. It was 1997 and she’d been born in Los Angeles so close to the industry she longed for. (click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)

The Future of Faith

It’s now at least a half century since Christians began an ever deepening worry over their church’s future. Now they worry for the basic existence of their congregations no matter the faith group. (click on the blog's bold title to read the whole.)